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Can we merge spl-associated-token-account into associated-token-account?

The two tags: spl-associated-token-account and associated-token-account are the same thing. All Associated Token Accounts on Solana are SPL Associated Token Accounts. Can we please merge them, or make ...
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Should we use `token` or `spl-token` for tags related to tokens on Solana?

Tokens are usually what people know on blockchains, but spl-token is the specific program on Solana. Should we use token or spl-token for questions related to tokens on Solana?
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How should we tag questions on @solana/web3.js?

Seeing a number of questions using the tag solana-web3.js, web3, web3js, and web3.js. These are all synonyms of the same tag. Which tag should be used for these questions?
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